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Milwaukee summer festival guide

Milwaukee summer festivals, festivals in Milwaukee, ethnic festivals, art festivals in Milwaukee

Yoga studios in Milwaukee

Yoga studios in Milwaukee offer classes, workshops and retreats for beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis in various styles.

Stubby’s Pub & Grill - A Review of Stubby's Pub & Grill in Milwaukee

If you want a place to hangout with friends, try some new beers, cheer on your favorite sports team and enjoy some next level bar food, Stubby’s Pub & Grub is a place you need to experience.

Thai Kitchen - A Review of Milwaukee's Thai Kitchen Restaurant

Thai Kitchen is a great place for quick and easy Thai food. Don’t be thrown off by the sparse interior decor, because with Thai Kitchen, it’s all about the food.

Milwaukee Burger Joints

In the dairy state of Wisconsin, you don't have to look too hard to find a beer and a burger topped with a hunk of cheese. Our city is no exception, and there are tons of great burger joints all over Milwaukee.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Milwaukee

There are many places in Milwaukee that cater specifically to vegetarians, as well as many fine establishments that can serve a vegan and a carnivore sitting side-by-side. The following list does not include every vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Milwaukee -- not even close -- but does provide you with a variety of options to suit all sorts of tastes.

Soup Bros. Restaurant in Milwaukee

Soup Brothers is a hidden gem on a side street in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. It’s known far and wide for it’s great soups and sandwiches, crazy kitschy decor and it’s “soup nazi”-like owner and head chef.

Milwaukee's Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

The Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is one of Milwaukee County's hidden green gems. Located in the Village of Bayside, the Audubon Center is worth the drive for downtown residents, and a welcome oasis for those on the north shore.

Bombay Sweets Indian Restaurant in Milwaukee

Bombay Sweets offers some of the best Indian food to be found in Milwaukee. The flavors are exotic, the prices are reasonable and the variety of sweets give you plenty of excuses to come back to try something new.

Milwaukee's Soldiers Home

Milwaukee's Soldiers Home Historic District is home to some of the oldest and most historically significant buildings in the city. On a sunny day, a walk around the historic district can be an interesting way to spend the afternoon.

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