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Things to Do in Milwaukee


Milwaukee is many different things to many different people. To some it's trendy shopping districts, to other its a sports haven or a cultural center. Check out this listing of events to find out what your Milwaukee is all about.
  1. What To Do? Winter Fun in Milwaukee
  2. Restaurants in Milwaukee
  3. Milwaukee Museums

What To Do? Winter Fun in Milwaukee

Find activities and things to do in Milwaukee and the surrounding metro area during any time of year.

Restaurants in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has restaurants of all stripes, from haute cuisine, to paper-plate Mexican, to vegan slow-food. Find what suits your current taste through these reviews of restaurants in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Museums

When one thinks of Milwaukee, they don't always think of the number of amazing museums located in the area. This ever-expanding list will give you a good idea of some of the city's cultural offerings.

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