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Brady Street Restaurants

A Guide to Restaurants on Milwaukee's Brady Street


Brady Street Restaurants
Image by Carrie Trousil

Milwaukee's Brady Street boasts a number of restaurants that can accommodate almost any taste, with fare ranging from Middle Eastern falafel to Midwestern hotdogs. Price and ambiance also ranges from cheap to chic. Call ahead and reserve a table or simply wander until you find something suitable. Due to Brady Street being a popular nightlife strip, is also a great place to find some late-night eats.

Map Brady Street Restaurants!

Apollo Cafe
Traditional Greek restaurant, outdoor seating
Where: 1310 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.272.2233

Wine, cheese and small plate international fare
Where: 1716 N. Arlington St.
Contact: 414.755.0099

Berry Me Frozen Yogurt & Cafe
Self-serve build-your-own frozen yogurt
Where: 1320 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.276.8888

Bosley On Brady
Key West influenced steak and seafood
Where: 815 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.727.7975

Brewed Cafe
Coffee, sandwiches, soup and light fare
Where: 1208 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.276.2739

Casablanca Restaurant
Middle Eastern, weekend belly dancers
Where: 728 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.271.6000

Margaritas and authentic mexican
Where: 1633 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.291.5233

Crisp Pizza Bar
Wood-fired pizzas, beer and wine
Where: 1323 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.727.4217

The Dogg Haus
Specialty hotdogs or build-your-own
Where: 1433 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.617.1176

Emperor of China
Chinese restaurant with small front bar
Where: 1010 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.271.8889

Hi Hat Lounge and Garage
Cocktails, brunch, sandwiches and fish fry
Where: 1701 N. Arlington St.
Contact: 414.225.9330

Jimmy John's
Popular "freaky fast" sandwich chain
Where: 1344 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.272.3333

Libby's Sports Bar & Grill
Sandwiches, fish fry and cocktails
Where: 1682 N. Van Buren St.
Contact: 414.276.1975

Mai Thai
Thai food and modern decor
Where: 1230 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.364.4437

Mimma's Cafe
Fine Italian dining, a Brady Street staple
Where: 1301 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.271.7337

Papa John's Pizza
Pizza chain restaurant
Where: 1428 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.278.5646

The Philly Way
Philly cheese steaks, dogs and burgers
Where: 1330 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.763.8875

Rochambo Coffee & Tea House
Classic coffee and tea house
Where: 1317 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.291.0095

Build-your-own sub sandwich chain
Where: 1438 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.272.8686

Combination Thai restaurant and sushi bar
Where: 932 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.837.6280

Wok Zone
Take-out and delivery Chinese with a huge menu
Where: 1683 N. Van Buren
Contact: 414.220.4660

Zaffiro's Pizza
Traditional thin crust pizza
Where: 1724 N. Farwell Ave.
Contact: 414.289.8776

Zayna's Pizza
Delivery and walk-up pizza to go
Where: 714 E. Brady St.
Contact: 414.226.9999

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