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Milwaukee Food Trucks

A Guide to Food Trucks in Milwaukee


Milwaukee Food Trucks
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The food truck trend has hit Milwaukee hard, and that's a great thing for Milwaukee foodies, festival-goers, and the late night crowd alike. These traveling restaurants feature a creative mix of cuisines that cater to all tastes and diets. So think beyond the old-school hot dog stand and be prepared for a fun, eclectic dining experience whenever you see one of these trucks parked curbside.

  • Streetza Pizza
    Streetza Pizza features slices or whole pies, and practically anything you could ever ask for as a topping. Think everything from plain cheese to a slice inspired by Jones Island, featuring swiss cheese, leeks and pickled herring from Ma Baensch. Find out where they'll be next on twitter, or even download their iPhone app.
  • Fast Foodie
    The home of the "globaco," a trademarked culinary invention consisting of warm tortillas filled with various global cuisines. A global taco! Choose from the likes of a Thai coconut curry chicken, a jambalaya, or a vegetarian Puerto Rican mixture. Find out where to find them by following Fast Foodie on twitter, or check out their online calendar.
  • Tigerbite
    Tigerbite's menu is varied, featuring a variety of road-side goodies like egg rolls, quesadillas, and tacos. But the beauty of Tigerbite is that they infuse these standards with unusual flavors. Instead of just a plain old chicken taco, this truck features an Asian chicken in savory sauce with slaw, and fun items such as Crispy Banana Rolls for dessert. Find out where to find them on twitter, or on their web calendar.
  • Hattie's Gourmet Eats on the Go
    This new addition to the scene features a menu of sliders -- chicken, pork and beef, and not a burger in sight -- as well as a tempting array of cupcakes and a cheesecake lollipop. To find Hattie, give her a follow on Facebook, or check out her online calendar.
  • Jeppa Joe's
    Jeppa Joe's truck features a medley of creative sandwiches with a southeast Asian flair. Choose from a pork, beef, chicken or vegetarian, and count on the fact that the ingredients are local and fresh. Find Jeppa Joe's current location on Facebook, or twitter, or check out their online schedule.
  • Pita Brothers
    The pita brothers ply the streets in a low-speed, battery electric vehicle, offering an awesome selection of fillings in Lebanese flatbread. From classic falafel to a variety of meat options, this truck also offers a wide variety of sauces and toppings to help you personalize your pita choice. Find this eco-friendly truck by following them on twitter, or on Facebook.
  • American Euros
    This local truck features -- you guessed it -- gyros, but don't think this is a meat-only endeavor. American Euros also features vegetarian gyros and grilled cheese for those who don't want meat. Follow them on twitter or Facebook to find out where they'll be next!
  • Hard Wood Cafe
    This distinctively decorated gypsy truck is all about the meat, and they aren't shy about it. Choose from beef au jus to Texas-style ribs, and be prepared to top that off with "Pig Candy," gourmet chocolate enhanced with bacon and coconut. Learn where the gypsy wagon will be today by following them on twitter.
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