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Milwaukee Irish Bars

A Listing of Irish Bars in Milwaukee


Milwaukee Irish Bars
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There are a lot of Irish bars in Milwaukee. Actually, there are a lot of bars in Milwaukee, period. While it would be almost impossible to give you a fully comprehensive list -- many bars in this city fly Irish colors -- this includes some of the most popular places to belly up to the bar to order a Guinness or shot of Jameson.

The Black Rose
A UW-Milwaukee area restaurant and bar, catering to college students. This bar also shares space with SoLo, the Italian eatery formerly known as Oakland Trattoria.
Where: 2856 N. Oakland Ave.

Blackthorn is a downtown bar in the heart of the Milwaukee / Jefferson Street nightlife district. Heavy wooden booths meets downtown flair in this restaurant and pub.
Where: 750 N. Jefferson St.

More cozy and upscale than your corner pub, with interesting food and wide selection of beer and whiskey. This two-floor eatery and bar also features a rooftop patio for summer fun.
Where:1850 N. Water St.

Burke's Irish Castle
A Miller Park area institution, formerly Derry Hegarty’s Pub. Look for new life in an old favorite and expanded menu.
Where: 5328 W. Bluemound Rd.

Expect more college than Irish at this Marquette University campus staple.
Where:717 N. 16th Street

County Clare
You'll fine dark wood, stained glass and a cozy atmosphere in this Irish pub, restaurant and inn. A great place to take out-of-town guests.
Where: 1234 N. Astor St.

Fitzgibbons Pub
An old-school shot and a beer type bar of the type you'll find on many a corner in Milwaukee -- but won't typically find on Water Street.
Where: 1127 N. Water St.

The Harp
A well-known Milwaukee bar, but becoming more Water Street than Irish (See Trinity: Three Irish Pubs).
Where: 113 E. Juneau St.

The Irish Pub
Another Water Street bar and restaurant, but on the southern end of the street -- one step removed from the frat party.
Where: 124 N. Water St.

O'Lydia's is a totally come-as-you-are bar in Walker's Poit where you can order up a pint, as well as some bar food, in a friendly environment. O'Lydia's takes over where Slim McGinn's -- another popular Irish bar -- left off, and the transition has been a good one.
Where: 338 S. 1st St.

Paddy's Pub
This East Side gem is also high on the atmosphere scale, with an ecletic mix of furniture and decor. Big outdoor beer garden and relaxed Irish pub decor.
Where: 2339 N. Murray Ave.

Trinity: Three Irish Pubs
Three bars in one complex, a favorite of the college-age Water Street set. Not a place for quiet conversation.
Where: 125 E. Juneau St.

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