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Throw the Perfect Packers Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party Tips for Packers Fans


Throw the Perfect Packers Super Bowl Party
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Super Bowl parties featuring your home team might be few and far between. In fact, for Packers fans, there's only been four other occasions to date on which throw green and gold super bowl parties. That's why you've got to make it good -- you never know when you'll get to try again!

Packers Super Bowl Snacks

Donna Pilato, Guide to Entertaining, has put together a great menu featuring a number of dishes sure to please Green Bay fans, including beer brats and beer cheese fondue: Super Bowl XLV Party Menu.

If you'd like to go team-neutral, why not go Texas-style? After all, Super Bowl XLV will be held at Cowboys Stadium, in Arlington: Texas Barbecue Theme Dinner.

Packers Super Bowl Cocktails

Colleen Graham, Guide to Cocktails, thinks that Brandy Old Fashioned and Apple Martini are good game-day drinks: Green Bay Packers Cocktails.

She is also responsible for great articles on colored cocktails: How to Make Green Drinks.

Don't forget, if your among true Packers fans, you can't go wrong with plain old beer.

Televisions & Electronics

It's easy to get carried away thinking about food and drink for your guest. But really, this party is about the game, and the true highlight could be the viewing situation. Robert Silva, Home Theater Guide, has you covered in that department: Setting up a Home Theater System.

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