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Zeppelin takes to Milwaukee Skies

World's Largest Airship in Milwaukee July 7-11


Zeppelin takes to Milwaukee Skies

The Farmers Airship over New York City.

Photo courtesy Airship Ventures

It's infrequent that you hear the word "zeppelin," and it's not in reference to guitar virtuosos, Robert Plant, or how truly amazing "The Immigrant Song" really is. These week, however, Milwaukee citizens may hear this unusual word a lot. And despite the fact that Summerfest is still going strong at the lakefront, this local talk of zeppelins will actually be in reference not to music, but to the largest passenger airship in the world -- The Farmers Airship -- landing Thursday, July 7, at Timmerman Field.

One of only two Zeppelins in the world, the airship is making this historic stop in Milwaukee as part of the Farmers Airship Covering Communities Tour -- a six-month journey which will take the world’s largest airship to 24 cities across the United States and back. The airship will remain in Milwaukee until July 11.

While in town, the Zeppelin will be available for public “flightseeing” tours -- a flight experience not available since the Golden Age of airship travel more than 70 years ago. These will be offered from Timmerman Airport on July 9 and 10, are 45-minutes in duration, and will offer passengers an elite cruise at 1200 feet above area landmarks. Tickets are available for: $375 + tax per person, with special rates and charter flights available by calling 650-969-8100 x 111, or via email at: reservations@airshipventures.com.

While in the area, the Zeppelin will also host special events benefiting the March of Dimes, the lead charity of Farmers Insurance Group.

At 246 feet in length, the Farmers Airship is the largest passenger airship in the world, 15 feet longer than a Boeing 747, and 50 feet longer than the largest blimp. The only commercial passenger airship in the United States, the Farmers Airship it is owned and operated by Airship Ventures and is used regularly on flightseeing tours and custom charters above the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego and Greater Los Angeles.
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