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Wisconsin State Symbols
Many people that live in Wisconsin can figure out that our state song is, of course, "On Wisconsin," or can guess that the state beverage is milk. But how many people know about our state mineral (Galena) or state tree (Sugar Maple)? Not many. Show your smarts and impress your friends by learning all of Wisconsin's state symbols.

Wisconsin Child Restraint Laws
Child restraint laws vary from state to state, and Wisconsin's laws regarding child restraints, booster seats and safety belts are a little more stringent than some others. Be sure to adequately protect all children riding in your vehicle to both keep them safe and avoid the headache of paying a fine.

Milwaukee Population and Ethnic Make-up
According to the 2010 census, the population of the City of Milwaukee is 594,883, making it the 28th largest city in the nation. The population of the Milwaukee metro area is much larger, at 1,751,316. The Milwaukee metro area consists of five counties: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Washington and Ozaukee counties.

City of Milwaukee Municipal Court
The Milwaukee Municipal Court is a trial court that deals exclusively with cases involving city ordinance violations. Milwaukee Municipal Court is located at 951 N. James Lovell St.

East Side Milwaukee Late-Night Survival Guide
It's 3 a.m. and you’re starving, and your friend needs contact solution. What to do? If you’re on Milwaukee’s East Side, you're in luck!

Milwaukee Public Library System
The Milwaukee Public Library system consists of the downtown Central Library, and twelve branches spread throughout the city. The Milwaukee Public Library is part of the Milwaukee County Federated Library System, which included 14 other public libraries in the metro Milwaukee area.

Milwaukee County Suburban Libraries
The Milwaukee County Federated Library system consists of the thirteen libraries in the City of Milwaukee's Public Library system, as well as fourteen suburban libraries spread throughout the County. Find the location of a branch near you today!

Median Last Freeze Date in Spring -- Milwaukee County
The median last freeze date for most of Milwaukee County usually falls between April 26 and May 2. The last freeze date is the last time in spring the temperature is at or below...

Beekeeping in Milwaukee
In 2010, the City of Milwaukee passed an ordinance allowing residents to keep up to two colonies of honeybees on private property within Milwaukee City limits. Learn what is required of Milwaukee residents who wish to keep bees.

Milwaukee Energy Assistance
The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) is working under new income guidelines this year making a greater number of households eligible for energy assistance. This means that Milwaukee families with incomes

Wisconsin Smoking Ban
In May of 2009, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed legislation to make public places, including restaurants, taverns, and other indoor workplaces, smokefree. Find quick facts about the Wisconsin smoking ban here.

Milwaukee Marriage Licenses
Getting hitched is hassle enough, so hopefully getting your marriage license can at least be simple! Learn how to apply for a marriage license in Milwaukee County.

Median First Freeze Date in Fall -- Milwaukee County
The median first freeze date, or date on which you might see frost, usually falls between October 11 - 24 for most of Milwaukee County. The first frost date...

Milwaukee Statistics
A listing Milwaukee's vital statistics -- population, demographics, median age, median income and more.

Say No to Potholes
Got your eye on an awful pothole? Let the Department of Public Works know about it. Call the DPW Service Center hotline at...

Milwaukee Volunteer Opportunities
If you're grateful for the things you have, share the feeling by providing for others. The organizations listed below are established institutions through which you can maximize your efforts. A little help goes a long way!

General Mitchell International Airport
General Mitchell International is Milwaukee's major airport and the largest in the State of Wisconsin. Mitchell International is an important feeder airport to the hubs of Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Denver and Houston, as well as the source of direct flights to destinations throughout the country and to select Canadian cities.

Milwaukee Driving Distances - Driving Time and Distances to Major...
Milwaukee Driving Distances - Driving Time and Distances to Major Destinations from Milwaukee

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