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Project Clean & Green Milwaukee

A Guide to Milwaukee's Clean & Green Clean-up


Project Clean & Green Milwaukee

Recycle up to five tires at your normal garbage collection site during Project Clean & Green.

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Every year, the city of Milwaukee conducts Project Clean & Green, a free pick-up of unwanted furniture, mattresses, household items, brush, tires (up to five) and extra recyclables at residents' normal trash collection points on their scheduled collection day for a specific week. During this week, the city also concentrates on street and alley sweeping and graffiti removal, while encouraging citizens to join with community organizations in beautification activities.

Project Clean & Green 2013 will take place from April 15 - June 4. The city will be broken into seven zones, and collection crews will target one zone each week and collect extra items left at the collection point on the scheduled collection day. To find out what target zone you live within, see this map detailing the collection dates and areas or visit www.city.milwaukee.gov.

After your Clean & Green week, there is a $50 charge for all bulky pickup requests larger than one cubic yards (about the size of an easy chair).

Residents that desire to schedule a group cleanup are encouraged to contact Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful at kgmb.org or 414-272-5462 for cleanup bags, gloves or to borrow a limited number of clean up tools (rakes, shovels, brooms).

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