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The Gobbler Supper Club on the Auction Block

Quirky Milwaukee-Area Supper Club up for Auction December 12, 2009


The Gobbler Supper Club on the Auction Block

The Gobbler Supper Club

Photo by Reznicek111, for use under Flickr Creative Commons licensing

A public auction of The Gobbler Supper Club, a quirky 1960s-era modern, carpeted, rock walled anomaly -- with a rotating bar, will hit the auction block at 10 a.m. Saturday, December 12.

The restaurant is located approximately 45 miles west of Milwaukee in Johnson Creek, about halfway between Milwaukee and Madison.

To get a great taste of what The Gobbler Supper Club was in its prime, visit the Lileks.com site featuring the Gobbler Supper Club and its adjacent motel, which was unfortunately destroyed in 2002. Another internet gem is a Gobbler Super Club commercial on YouTube.

A recent media release on the auction states:

Designed by architect Helmut Ajango in 1966 for local turkey farmer Clarence Hartwig, this 16,544 square-foot building on up to nine acres includes a revolving bar, restaurant and banquet facility that seats 350 patrons. It is a turn-key entertainment facility with a liquor license. The revolving bar seats 34, and came from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Chicago.

Every feature is unique about this facility, from the circular sloped roof designed to look like an abstract turkey to the quartz crystal and lava rock imported from a volcano in Mexico on exterior. The current owners have installed a lot of new equipment and systems, as well as painting and renovating the interiors.

Miller Land and Livestock will be brokering the deal, and auctioneer Ray Miller said that if the property doesn't sell in its entirety, they will auction the contents separate from the real estate. "The entry hall between the staging area and the restaurant is lined with 1,500 square feet of petrified wood. You cannot buy that anymore. We'll be selling it by the piece by the pound," he said.

The auction will be held on-site on Saturday, December 12, 2009, at 10am. Bidders are encouraged to do their due diligence prior to bidding. Bidders must register prior to bidding. The auction is open to the public. For more information on registering to bid in this auction, call 608-524-0365 or visit the Miller Auctions website. For additional (practical) information about The Gobbler, visit BuytheGobbler.com.

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