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A look at the demographics, architectural characteristics, trends and quirks that make a neighborhood more than just a group of houses and shops.

Brady Street in Milwaukee
Cutting through the middle of the Lower East Side, Brady Street is a collection of restaurants, shops, bars, salons and other service establishments. Once known as Milwaukee's Haight-Ashbury, evidence of the area's counter-culture past can still be seen in the number of eclectic establishments that line the street and surrounding neighborhood.

Lower East Side
Lower East Side - A profile of the Lower East Side neighborhood of Milwaukee

Cedarburg - Profile and demographics of Cedarburg, a small community about 20 miles north of the city of Milwaukee

Bay View
Bay View - Profile and Demographics breakdown of the Bay View Neighborhood of Milwaukee

A look at the history, demographics, median age, etc. of the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee

Upper East Side
A look at one of the most well-known neighborhoods in the city.

Brewers Hill
An historic neighborhood located just north of downtown Milwaukee.

Washington Park
A profile of the Washington Park neighborhood, located on the west side of Milwaukee.

Juneau Town
A profile of Milwaukee's Juneau Town neighborhood.

Village of Bayside
A profile of the Village of Bayside, a neighborhood in the Milwaukee metro area.

Milwaukee Location, Layout & Terrain
Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, lying in the southeast corner of the state, on the western short of Lake Michigan. It's near neighbors include Green Bay, about 115 miles to the north

Sidewalk Galleries - Riverwest
While Milwaukee is home to many art galleries, sometimes you need just walk down the street to see the visual products of creativity.

Walking Tour of Milwaukee Lakefront
Downtown Milwaukee Walking Tour - Milwaukee Lakefront Sites

Washington Heights
An interesting west-side neighborhood noted for its beautiful Arts & Crafts architecture.

Pabst Park
A Wauwatosa neighborhood situated on a former Pabst Brewing Company Farm.

Charles Jacobus Park
A Wauwatosa neighborhood surrounding Jacobus Park and Nature Preserve.

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