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Brewers Hill

A Profile of Milwaukee's Brewers Hill Neighborhood


Brewers Hill

A view of Commerce Street and the Milwaukee River from the bluff in Brewers Hill.

photo © Carrie Trousil

Milwaukee is an extremely diverse city, and nearly every neighborhood has its own unique atmosphere and look. This article is a simple profile and demographic breakdown of the Brewers Hill Neighborhood of Milwaukee.

Brewers Hill Statistics
Population: 752
Median Age: 30
Median Income: $33,388
Average Home Price: $231,500
Parameters: Brewers Hill is bordered by the Milwaukee River on the south, North Avenue on the north, Holton Street on the East and Martin Luther King Drive on the West.

About Brewers Hill
Brewers Hill is an interesting community settled on a hill just north of downtown Milwaukee. German in origin, it possesses some of the oldest homes in the city, many of which belonged to the brewing barons of the late 1800's (hence the name) and the workers who toiled in brewing complexes close by. It's not unusual to see a small cottage standing in the shadow of a mansion on Brewers Hill -- much of this neighborhood was built well before the advent of zoning laws regulated such things as lot size and building placement.

Brewers Hill slowly fell into decline when the local industries -- namely tanneries and breweries -- started closing or moving elsewhere in the city. Many of the large houses were turned into rooming houses or multi-families, and the area took a worn-out appearance. Beginning in the 1980's however, a new generation started seeing the potential of Brewers Hill through the grime: the beautiful views, proximity to downtown and spectacular housing stock, and made a concerted effort to restore the neighborhood to its early glory. Today, many Brewers Hill homes have been renovated, and the neighborhood is also a popular spot for the ubiquitous condo conversion.

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