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Lower East Side

A Profile of the Lower East Side Neighborhood of Milwaukee


Lower East Side

Shops, bars and restaurants line Brady Street in Milwaukee's Lower East Side neighborhood

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Milwaukee is an extremely diverse city, and nearly every neighborhood has its own unique atmosphere and look. This article is a simple profile and demographic breakdown of the Lower East Side neighborhood of Milwaukee.

Lower East Side Statistics
Population: 2,115
Median Age: 41
Median Income: $30,620
Average Home Price: $208,900
Parameters: The Lower East Side is bordered by North Avenue on the north, Ogden Avenue on the south, Lake Park and Prospect Avenue to the east and the Milwaukee River to the west.

About the Lower East Side
The Lower East Side neighborhood is the heart of the area of the city often collectively called the East Side. This section of town has a high density of students and singles, and very few households with children -- only 4.4% compared with a 24.4% city average. Another notable fact about the Lower East Side is the high density of renters: nearly 87% of Lower East Side residents rent their dwellings.

Dining on the Lower East Side
EE-Sane Thai Lao Cuisine
Late Night Eats - East Side Milwaukee
Comet Cafe
Zaffiro's Pizza

The Lower East Side is the entertainment center of this part of town, and two of the city's most notable thoroughfares, Brady Street and North Avenue, are located in this neighborhood.

Brady Street

Cutting through the middle of the Lower East Side, Brady Street is a collection of restaurants, shops, bars, salons and other service establishments. Once known as Milwaukee's Haight-Ashbury, evidence of the area's counter-culture past can still be seen in the number of eclectic establishments that line the street and surrounding neighborhood. Over the past two decades, however, the area has seen much renovation, and yuppies are just as prevalent on Brady Street nowadays as hippies. Read more about Brady Street.

North Avenue

North Avenue makes runs along the Lower East Sides northern border, and this particular stretch happens to be a popular entertainment district for college students and twenty-somethings. This area is home to bars like Vitucci's, Cans and Judges, a number of restaurants and the Oriental Theatre, as well as hip retailers like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. Connecting Brady Street and North Avenue is Farwell Avenue, yet another main drag lined with restaurants, bars and retailers.

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