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Washington Park

A Profile of Milwaukee's Washington Park Neighborhood


Milwaukee is an extremely diverse city, and nearly every neighborhood has its own unique atmosphere and look. This article is a simple profile and demographic breakdown of the Washington Park neighborhood of Milwaukee.

Washington Park Statistics
Population: 1,184
Median Age: 25
Median Household Income: $23,327
Average Home Price: $124,000
Parameters: Washington park is bordered by Martin Drive to the south, Uptown, Sherman Park and Metcalfe Park to the north, Walnut Hill to the East, and Washington Heights to the west. It's street-level borders are 35th street to the east, US-41 to the west, Vliet Street to the south, and North Avenue to the north. Sherman Boulevard and Lisbon Avenue run through the neighborhood.

About Washington Park
The Washington Park neighborhood is so named because is includes the 124-acre Washington Park, built in 1891. The park was designed by famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, who also built Milwaukee's Lake Park and Central Park in New York. Washington Park was originally the home of the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Washington Park homes are an interesting mix of styles. Generally more working-class in origin when compared to the genteel Arts and Crafts-style mansions that populate Washington Heights to the west, Washington Park still boasts several grand brick homes as well as cottages and simple frame homes.

The Washington Park Neighborhood could be considered a victim of "white flight," or the trend of caucasians moving away from what was becoming the inner-city as Milwaukee expanded outward into suburbs. Today, residents of the neighborhood are mostly African-American, with smaller groups of Hmong, Latino and white households.

Today, the park, and by extension, the neighborhood itself, is the focus of revitalization efforts. in 2007, Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center opened at satellite center in the park in effort to help rejuvenate the run-down green space, while at the same time giving local kids a chance, sometimes their first, to experience nature through interactive programming.

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