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Milwaukee Lakefront Walking Tour


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Discover Milwaukee's Lakefront on Foot
Milwaukee Lakefront Walking Tour
Photo © Jeff Millies / Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee's downtown lakefront is home to some of the most well-recognized landmarks in the city, and the best way to see it all is with a lakefront walking tour. After all, the view over Lake Michigan is spectacular year round, and the famed architecture of the Milwaukee Art Museum has yet to detract from a photograph.

The public-access lakefront is situated in what is primarily a business district, a neighborhood called both East Town and Juneau Town, depending on who you're talking to. This area has seen an influx of wealthier residents making their homes among the high rises in the past two decades, however, largely due to the condo craze that has changed the face of what was recently a blighted downtown. New boutiques, chic restaurants, public art projects and walking trails are also breathing new life into the area.

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