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Milwaukee Lakefront Walking Tour


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The Calling
Milwaukee Lakefront Walking Tour

"The Calling," part of the East Town walking tour

photo © Carrie Trousil

Wisconsin Avenue and Mason Street

We’ll start at the top of Wisconsin Avenue, one of the main, and oldest, thoroughfares of the city. Here you’ll note a large, orange steel sculpture, generally known by Milwaukeeans as "the Sunburst," although it's really "The Calling," by Mark di Suvero.

This sculpture, although admired by some, is actually a point of contention among local art critics -- although the public art of Milwaukee almost always is. In the past, it was merely criticized for being "too industrial," but in the years since the addition of the Quadracci Pavilion on the Milwaukee Art Museum, critics have looked down on the sculpture for blocking the view of the newer building from Wisconsin Avenue.

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