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Milwaukee Neighborhoods & Suburbs


Milwaukee is a city of neighborhoods, and each of these neighborhoods is constantly changing. Mansions of old beer barons may now be the flats of college students, while other areas sparkle with new condos of glass and steel. Find out a little bit about the neighborhood that you live in, and how it came to be what it is today.
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Neighborhoods & Suburbs

It's always been easy to classify Milwaukeeans based on the neighborhood that they live in (easy, but not always correct!). In the early days, when the Milwaukee River easily divided the city in half, the east and west siders hated each other so much they started destroying the bridges connecting the two sides. Today, neighborhood association usually doesn't lead to blows, but it does bring to mind other things, like the pride of a Bay View resident, or the staunch resiliency of a Lindsay Heights old-timer. There is still much to be said about any Milwaukee neighborhood or suburb, and always more than meets the eye.


There are many factors that go into making a city or a neighborhoods what it is: proximity to jobs, availability of education, existing housing stock, and so much more. Milwaukee is certainly no exception. See how your neighborhood ranks on paper, but remember, what statistics say now don't indicate what these same stats may say in even five years -- all we really know about most Milwaukee neighborhoods is that they are constantly changing.

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