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Select Milwaukee

Making the Dream a Reality


Since 1990, the small, local organization Select Milwaukee has been helping first-time and low-income buyers navigate the daunting process of purchasing a home.

Select Milwaukee offers:

  • Homeownership Workshops
  • Buyer’s Advocate Services
  • Employer Assisted Homeownership
  • Special Mortgage & Grant Programs

Select Milwaukee also partners with many groups to offer special programs for buyers willing to rehab in up-and-coming neighborhoods and can sometimes offer down payment and closing cost assistance to qualified buyers.

To Contact:

Visit (in person): 2209 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.; Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Email: info@selectmilwaukee.org

Phone: 414.562.5070

Visit (on the Web): www.selectmilwaukee.org

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