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Milwaukee Holiday Gift Guide

Give a Gift that Says "Milwaukee"


Milwaukee Holiday Gift Guide

Fritzie the Usinger's elf encourages everyone to eat more sausages.

Image courtesy of Usinger's Famous Sausages

Got a friend on the coast that constantly bugs you for cheese curds? Or a Milwaukee ex-pat in the family who misses life in Brew City? This season, why not give them the holiday gift they've been dreaming about all year? Something that just screams "Milwaukee" -- like a "Bronze Fonz" T-shirt, or maybe even just a big stick of sausage.

Alterra Coffee
If you've got a caffeine freak on your list, do the right thing and give them a bag of beans from Milwaukee's own Alterra. Not only are you keeping your business local, but you're supporting a lean, mean, sustainable living machine -- Alterra practices green building by re-using old structures when possible, and adheres to environmentally-sound construction practices when not, is a proponent of fair trade and ranks among the top 12 roasters in the country based on total volume of Fair Trade Certified coffees purchased, is involved in many community give-back programs and more. It also doesn't hurt that their coffee is really good.

Tickets to the Brewers, Admirals, Bucks...etc.
This gift is a slam dunk (dumb pun intended), but one that's easily overlooked in lieu of tangible gifts. But what superfan wouldn't prefer tickets over that old holiday sweater? Give them the gift of tickets and you'll probably be giving them the most thoughtful gift of the season.

Usinger's Sausage
Before I even lived in this city one of my sure signs of summer was hearing Bob Uecker talk about Usinger's Sausages during staticky broadcasts of Brewers Games. When I finally did move here, and got the inside scoop on the fact that magical elves actually make these sausages while everyone's asleep, well, that's when they became truly legendary. Not sure if your giftee knows all of this, or cares, but surely they'll appreciate one of the 70+ varieties of this famous sausage.

Milwaukee T-Shirts
Whether your giftee wants to sport a top promoting a local hot spot, such as the Bong Recreational Area (named after Richard Bong, of course), or prefers to decorate their wall with a cool print depicting Brew City, you'll find plenty of fun gift ideas from Brew City Brand Apparel.

All About Town: Milwaukee
For that local scholar on your list, think about giving the gift of history through the trivia board game All About Town: Milwaukee. They'll learn such tidbits as: Who were the three founders of Milwaukee? And, which local brewery was the first in the nation to sell beer in cans? All About Town is a board game devoted entirely to Milwaukee trivia.

Cheese Curds from Clock Shadow Creamery
The Clock Shadow Creamery is Wisconsin's one-and-only urban cheese factory. This new Walker's Point gem is also a "green" factory that also provides cheese making sampling tours. Support this quirky new venture by picking up some Quark cheese, cheese curds, or other great offerings. Pick some up right at the Bruce Street factory.

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