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Thrift Stores in Milwaukee

A Listing of Second-Hand Shops in the Milwaukee Area


Thrift Stores in Milwaukee
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Not everyone has money to throw away on couture, hence the beauty of the thrift store. At a thrift store -- if you are willing to rummage through piles of sometimes questionable attire -- you can sometimes find that couture with an amazing $5 price tag. And it goes far beyond clothes. These Milwaukee-area thrift stores can outfit your whole home with whatever you may possibly need.

Milwaukee Thrift Stores

  • Salvation Army Thrift Store
    Where: 1725 South 13th St.
    Contact: (414) 384-9992

    Where: 7713 W. Greenfield Ave.
    Contact: (414) 453-1267

    Where: 1537 E. Moreland Blvd., Waukesha
    Contact: (262) 542-4728
  • Value Village
    Where: 324 West N. Ave.
    Contact: (414) 264-5320

    Where: 729 S. Layton Blvd.
    Contact: (414) 383-5913

    Where: 3100 E. Layton Ave., St. Francis
    Contact: (414) 486-1498
  • Saint Vincent DePaul
    Where: 2320 W. Lincoln Ave.
    Contact: (414) 672-2040
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