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Kilbourn Reservoir Park


Kilbourn Reservoir Park, located in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood, is a good example of the changing face of Milwaukee. Built in 1873 to house the Kilbourn Reservoir, a 20-million gallon holding tank for drinking water, the park was a popular place for locals due to a popular band shell and spectacular view of downtown from the highest point in the city.

When the turbulence of the mid-twentieth century began taking its toll on Milwaukee, the park started becoming run-down. Residents and city officials less invested in the area began letting the park go to seed -- literally. The reservoir itself, by the 1970's no longer in use, was capped with cement and surrounded with a chain-link fence.

Today, the brush has been cleared, the fence and the leaky reservoir removed, and residents can once again look out over downtown. New paths, benches and playground equipment and landscaping help reflect on the clean new face of the neighborhood.

Where: North Avenue at Bremen Street
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Kilbourn Reservoir ParkKilbourn Reservoir ParkKilbourn Reservoir ParkKilbourn Reservoir Park
Kilbourn Reservoir ParkKilbourn Reservoir Park Kilbourn Reservoir Park
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