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Boerner Botanical Gardens

A Guide to Milwaukee's Boerner Botanical Gardens


Boerner Botanical Gardens
Image by Carrie Trousil

The Boerner Botanical Gardens are located in Hales Corners, within Whitnall Park. This peaceful location offers more than 40 acres of formal gardens in the style typical of the English country manor, featuring glacial fieldstone walls and historic, handcrafted limestone statuary. Garden offerings include an annual garden, shrub mall, rock garden, daylily path, bog garden walk, heirloom garden, herb garden, perennial garden, rose garden and peony garden. The property also features a garden house, visitor center and a restored Civilian Conservation Corps encampment building, as well as original stone and wood carvings created by Works Progress Administration artists.

The gardens are named after Alfred L. Boerner, who became the landscape architect for Milwaukee County in 1926 and was appointed General Manager of the system in 1952. His philosophy, which included displaying plant material that could inspire home and business owners for use in their own spaces, continues to guide the ongoing development of the Gardens. Boerner died 1955, and in 1957, the Gardens were named in his honor.

Visiting the Boerner Botanical Gardens

Where: 9400 N. Boerner Dr., Hales Corners - Map it!
Hours: April 25 - October 4: 8 a.m. - sunset. October, November and early April: open during fair weather, call ahead: 414-525-5600. Closed late November - very early April.
Contact: 414-525-5600
Website: www.boernerbotanicalgardens.org

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