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Doctors Park & Tietjen Beach

A Profile of Milwaukee's Doctors Park & Tietjen Beach


Doctors Park & Tietjen Beach
Image by Carrie Trousil

Doctors Park is a park in the Fox Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. It shares it's northern border with the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. Doctors Park is comprised of approximately 49 acres situated on a bluff, and features a number of ways to descend from the parking area and play area above to the beach and lake below. These include a paved trail, stairs and semi-maintained dirt trail.

Doctors Park was established in 1928, a gift to the City of Milwaukee by Dr. Joseph Schneider, an eye specialist. The land was that on which he had established his country home, and upon his death he willed the land to the city with the intent that the land be undisturbed, save for any measures necessary to open the property for public use.

Today, Doctors Park is well known for it's wonderful, expansive beach, named Tietjen Beach, after George Tietjen, who founded Milwaukee County's Lifeguard Corps.

Where: Doctors Park, 1870 East Fox Lane
Contact: (414) 352-7502

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